Plant-based Vitamins and Supplements

L-Carnitine, Double Strength 1000mg 100 CapsL-Carnitine, Double Strength 1000mg 100 Caps
NOW FOODS L-Carnitine
Sale price$47.45 CAD
Super Greens 219g / UnflavouredSuper Greens 219g / Unflavoured
Alani Nu Super Greens
Sale price$54.99 CAD
Acai Berry Twist Gummies For Adults 90 Gummies / BlueberryAcai Berry Twist Gummies For Adults 90 Gummies / Blueberry
ALLMAX Light's Out
Sale price$29.99 CAD
Heal + Co. Super Mushroom Complex (4:1) 500mg 120vcapHeal + Co. Super Mushroom Complex (4:1) 500mg 120vcap
HEAL + CO. Super Mushroom Complex
Sale price$32.99 CAD
Heal + Co. Lion's Mane (4:1) 500mg 120vcapHeal + Co. Lion's Mane (4:1) 500mg 120vcap
Heal + Co. Ashwagandha (5:1 extract) 500mg 120vcapHeal + Co. Ashwagandha (5:1 extract) 500mg 120vcap
HEAL + CO. Ashwagandha 500mg
Sale price$30.99 CAD
NOW Melatonin 3mg 60 CapsNOW Melatonin 3mg 180 Caps
NOW FOODS NOW Melatonin 3mg
Sale priceFrom $5.98 CAD
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Policosanol 20mg + ALA & Artichoke 90 Caps
NOW FOODS Policosanol 20mg
Sale price$34.38 CAD
Apple Pectin 700mg 120vcapApple Pectin 700mg 120vcap
NOW FOODS Apple Pectin 700mg
Sale price$24.98 CAD
ORGANIKA Organika Pink Mylk Latté + Prebiotic
Regular price$32.12 Sale price$28.49 CAD
Nature's Way Gotu Kola 100 Veg CapsNature's Way Gotu Kola 180 Veg Caps
Nature's Way Nature's Way Gotu Kola
Sale priceFrom $14.99 CAD
New Nordic Melissa Dream 60 TABSNew Nordic Melissa Dream 60 TABS
NEW NORDIC New Nordic Melissa Dream
Sale price$30.49 CAD
Organic Chlorella Pure Pwd 113gOrganic Chlorella Pure Pwd 113g
Now Brewer's Yeast Powder 454gNow Brewer's Yeast Powder 454g
NOW FOODS Brewer's Yeast Powder
Sale price$19.47 CAD
Now Organic Spirulina 500mg Default TitleNow Organic Spirulina 500mg 500
NOW FOODS Organic Spirulina 500mg
Sale priceFrom $20.58 CAD
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Collinsonia Formula  90 caps Collinsonia Formula  90 caps 
Alfalfa Leaves 100 CapsAlfalfa Leaves 100 Caps
Nature's Way Alfalfa Leaves
Sale price$12.99 CAD
ADL II (formerly Adipolean) 90 CapsADL II (formerly Adipolean) 90 Caps
Borage Seed Oil 1170mg 60 SoftgelsBorage Seed Oil 1170mg 60 Softgels
Trophic Borage Seed Oil 1170mg
Sale price$24.99 CAD
Glutathione 500mg w/Silymarin & ALA 60vcap
NOW FOODS Glutathione 500mg
Sale price$72.10 CAD
Nature's Way Chlorella 100 Veg CapsNature's Way Chlorella 100 Veg Caps
Nature's Way Chlorella
Sale price$27.99 CAD
Super Thisilyn®  Liver / GB Support 60 Veg CapsSuper Thisilyn®  Liver / GB Support 60 Veg Caps
Nature's Way Super Thisilyn®
Sale price$31.99 CAD
GABA  500mg + B-6 100vcapGABA  500mg + B-6 100vcap
NOW FOODS GABA 500mg with B-6
Sale price$20.52 CAD

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